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In Memory of Father Richard Adam OCSO 1930-2020May 22, 2020

Fr Richard was the first chaplain at Holy Cross Abbey, Whitland 1991 – 2001, and joined in the work required to convert the former motel into a monastery. He took part in the cleaning duties and spent hours clearing the land of nettle and bramble which abutted the building in some places. As chaplain Fr Richard helped sisters spiritually through the sacrament of confession and with his homilies, but the Sunday homily was always written for the people coming to Mass. Fr Richard had a good sense of humour and enjoyed his Friday walk days exploring the countryside.

Fr Richard as born in Brighton and entered Mount St Bernard in 1950 after working in a London bank. He made his Solemn Profession in 1955 and was ordained a priest in 1959.

After returning to Mount St Bernard he lived as a hermit within the monastery until his mobility deteriorated. In 2014 with great joy the sisters welcomed his return with Br Thomas, who had worked on the farm at Stapehill. They stayed for several months while the Mount St Bernard infirmary refurbishment took place. During his stay Fr Richard was introduced to the art of sorting altar breads, a very necessary part of the process at which he excelled and was very much appreciated.

Fr Richard died peacefully on Friday 22nd May 2020 at Mount St Bernard may he rest in peace.

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In Memory of Father Richard Adam OCSO 1930-2020