'Seven times a day I praise you'
[ Psalm 118 (119):164 ]

Since the monastic community is an expression of the mystery of the Church, the Body of Christ, where nothing is to be preferred to the praise of the Father's glory, we are happy to share our Liturgy with everyone who comes to visit us.

Mass and Divine Office

Vigils - 4.00 am
Lauds - 7.00 am
Tierce - 7.40 am
MASS - 8am three days per week / Eucharistic Service - 8.00 am
       Please see News Page as times and days vary
Sext - 12.15 pm
None - 2.30 pm (14.30h)
Vespers - 5.00 pm (17.00h)
       *** Exposition from 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm (16.45h to 17.45h)
Compline - 7.00 pm (19.00h)

Wednesday & Saturday same as weekdays except:
Mid-day Prayer (Sext & None) - 12.15 pm

Sunday same as weekdays except:
Tierce - 8.40 am
MASS - 9.00 am usually
       Please see News Page as time may vary
Mid-day Prayer (Sext & None) - 12.15 pm
Vespers is followed by Benediction

Retreat Sunday:
1st Sunday of the month Exposition at 4.00 pm (16.00h) followed by Vespers and Benediction

Please read the Safeguarding Statement.